Arts, Music & Entertainment in Buffalo

Arts, Music & Entertainment in BuffaloThere's nothing quite like the feeling of discovering an artistic expression that invites you to think a different way and experience something new. In Buffalo, the arts, music and entertainment scene offers much to be discovered. Whether it's a new band, a beautifully painted portrait or an intriguing historical exhibit, you're sure to find something that will dazzle your senses and invite you to look at the world from a more colorful, sharply focused point of view.

Kleinhans Music Hall
For some of the finest musical performances you'll ever see and hear, you only have to go as far as Buffalo's Kleinhans Music Hall. Built in 1940, this iconic entertainment venue features incredible acoustics and a classic yet inviting atmosphere. The hall is also the home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the site of various seasonal plays, operas and ballets. So if you are in the mood to broaden your cultural outlook and be pleasantly surprised at the variety of performances you can take in, the Kleinhans Music Hall is most definitely the place to discover it all.

Address: 370 Pennsylvania Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14201 - MAP
Phone: (716) 885-5000

Shea's Performing Arts Center
Shea's Performing Arts Center brings Broadway to Buffalo! This time-tested venue opened its doors in 1926 and has been consistently delivering riveting performances ever since. Designed in the style of a European opera house and located in Buffalo's Theater District, the venue attracts productions that are just as impressive as the structure itself. Throughout the year, there are various operas, plays, concerts, touring shows, organ concerts and children's shows that not only thrill audiences but keep them coming back for more first-class entertainment.

Address: 646 Main Street, Buffalo, NY - MAP
Phone: (716) 847-1410

Irish Classical Theatre Company
At the Irish Classical Theatre Company, its original tradition of excellence is still very much alive. The theater was started by two brothers from Dublin who loved acting and received great crowd reaction to their early performances. The company performs at the Andrews Theatre, the area's only true theatre-in-the-round, a layout that assures that every seat offers a great view of the entertainment on stage. The performance schedule is always busy, so check the website and make plans to enjoy a stellar production from this much-lauded and multiple award-winning company.

Address: 625 Main Street, Buffalo, Greater Niagara, NY 14203 - MAP
Phone: (716) 853-1380

Theatre of Youth
You may be seeing a future Julia Roberts or George Clooney on stage when you take in a highly entertaining performance at the Theatre of Youth in Buffalo. The group consistently presents child-centered entertainment and professionally produced theater that will surely put a smile on your face. The troupe has won various awards for its great sets and costumes. The Theatre of Youth has moved into the recently renovated Allendale Theater, a former vaudeville house that was built in 1913. Despite that deep historical connection, every performance comes alive with an intoxicating, youthful exuberance.

Address: 203 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY - MAP
Phone: (716) 884-4400

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Reading about art is one thing, but seeing it for yourself takes the experience of art appreciation to a whole new level. That is the mission of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. This internationally recognized museum proudly houses impressive collections of international sculptures and paintings that will captivate your imagination the moment you see them. Also, there are works from iconic artists like Picasso, Renoir, Matisse and Van Gough that are among the many highlights that you'll see in this world-class art venue.

Address: 1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222 - MAP
Phone: (716) 882-8700