Unique Buffalo Tours

Unique Buffalo ToursThere is no shortage of historically interesting places in Buffalo. And whether you're visiting the city or you're a local, seeing these sights is an experience that offers a chance to peer back in time into some of the area's most famous moments. But sometimes when there's much to the story, you may miss vital pieces if you don't have someone guiding you along. That's why taking any one of these specialized tours in Buffalo allows you to really focus on what you're seeing while your guide fills you in on all the compelling facts and inside stories.

Mob Tours
Some steps are worth retracing, even if they lead to a dramatic end. Such is the case of the many stories and episodes you'll uncover when you take the Mob Tours. This is a new tour that highlights the life of former organized crime boss Stefano Magaddino. You'll see various points of interest that include former residences, places where meetings were held, as well as various personal effects and other memorabilia significant to the story. This is a must for followers of criminal history.

Address: 155 3rd Street, Niagara Falls, NY - MAP
Phone: (716) 578-4939
Web: www.nycgangstertours.com

Buffalo Harbor Tour
Buffalo's economic growth owes much to the Niagara River and Lake Erie. Historically, this body of water has been pivotal in the area's water trafficking economy and is also an attractive natural spectacle. Hear about the commercial growth while enjoying the aquatic visual appeal when you take the Buffalo Harbor Cruises. The cruises feature highly informed guides who tell the stories that have occurred between these shores. They will be happy to answer your questions, as well. Take your camera to snap lots of great views of the harbor and the city. The tour's vessel, "Miss Buffalo II," regularly departs from the dock at 79 Marine Drive.

Address: 79 Marine Drive, Buffalo, NY 14202 - MAP
Phone: (716) 856-6696
Web: www.buffaloharborcruises.com

Balloons Over Letchworth
Up, up and away on a tour that is truly uplifting! Experience the one-of-a-kind thrill of riding in a hot air balloon when you experience Balloons Over Letchworth. The Letchworth runs 17 miles and features 20 waterfalls as well as 600 feet of awe-inspiring gorges that you will glide over in your hot air balloon ride. This rustic landscape was once home to the Seneca Indians. The ride also includes the Upper Falls, which are 70 feet high and are truly captivating, especially when viewed from a hot air balloon. For safety reasons, no children under 12 are permitted to take the tour.

Address: 6645 Denton Corners Road, Castile, NY 14427 - MAP
Phone: (585) 493-3340
Web: www.balloonsoverletchworth.com

Buffalo resident Darwin D. Martin had the distinction of having his home designed by one of the world's most iconic architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. This truly unique structure, known as Graycliff, is situated on eight acres of woodland and cliffs and is regularly open for visitors who want to tour the home from the inside out. Wright's signature symmetrical artistic design is featured in various forms throughout Graycliff that both fans of modern art and architecture will surely appreciate. Reservations for your tour is required. Children under 10 are not permitted.

Address: 6472 Old Lakeshore Road, Derby, NY 14047 - MAP
Phone: (716) 947-9217
Web: www.graycliffestate.org

Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruise
While many people see the Erie Canal from a distance, getting a closer look will reveal how this body of water works to further the area's economy. The canal is actually quite interesting, and you can learn more about it when you take the Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruise. Your tour guide will be quite informative from start to finish, describing how Lockport is known for the area's water "locks" that run approximately 50 feet. When you cruise through the canal on this tour, you'll actually go through the "locks" and see for yourself how these locks are used to move traffic along the river and its uniquely elevated terrain. It's a great tour for the whole family.

Address: 210 Market Street, Lockport, NY 14094 - MAP
Phone: (716) 433-6155
Web: www.lockportlocks.com

Parkside Garden Tour
Transport yourself back in time to an area where classic homes and perfectly planted gardens were the order of the day. The Parkside Garden Tour is a self-guided tour of the impressive Parkside neighborhood that features over 50 gorgeous gardens. Parkside is an area of Buffalo that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and has the distinction of being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to the stunning gardens, you'll also get to view various 19th century homes along the tour route.

Address: 96 Jewett Parkway, Town Point Park, Buffalo, NY 14214 - MAP
Phone: (716) 838-1240
Web: www.parksidebuffalo.org